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For more than four decades, Vocational Services, Inc. has provided businesses with a wide range of outsourcing solutions.
At three locations in Liberty and North Kansas City, Missouri

How We Help Businesses Succeed

VSI has played a key role in the success of several clients, helping them to expand their business without the need for expanding their staff or equipment.

Several of our customers began as small, home-based operations and utilized VSI packaging, assembly and other services to extend their business. These companies continue to use us today after they have become major national operations.

• One of our oldest clients is a leading manufacturer of high-performance architectural and industrial coatings, with innovative coating formulations that protect a wide range of materials while enhancing aesthetics. One of our very first customers in the 1960s, they have utilized us for everything from labeling to packaging for more than 40 years.

• Among the best examples of how VSI can help businesses is an international leader in joint-care supplements for humans and animals, plus a full line of skin care and personal care products. Starting as a small operation, they have used VSI to assemble various sample packages and production of specialty labels and packaging. Today, we are still involved with their expanded range of products and an equally growing range of packages and products distributed worldwide.

•  VSI appreciates Kansas City’s barbeque tradition and is pleased by our long association with one of this area’s elite barbeque sauce makers. We helped when the founder began packaging his tasty sauce for distribution around Kansas City and we’re still at the company’s side 30 years later as they have become popular nationally.

Every job we do is unique. Our specialty is providing solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Outstanding Business Outsourcing Services

For more information, contact: David Phillips • 905 S. Kent, Liberty, MO 64068 • Ph: 816.792.9510 • Fax: 816.781.3418 • Sales@vsiserve.org