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For more than four decades, Vocational Services, Inc. has provided businesses with a wide range of outsourcing solutions.
At three locations in Liberty and North Kansas City, Missouri


“We’ve been using Vocational Services 20 to 30 times a year for five or six years now. They do our fulfillment and we even keep our inventory there. They do a great job. They’re very accurate, very precise and very timely. They save my clients money and we feel good about using them.”

—Advertising and graphics executive, Prairie Village

“They do an excellent job. We put a lot of pressure on them because these are very time-sensitive projects. They do an excellent job cranking it out and, if there are hiccups, they adjust really well.”

— Wholesale manager, specialty beer brewer

“They’re reliable, they deliver on time and I don’t have to worry. My inventory is always managed properly. Whatever I have with them I always know it’s managed and secure. And it’s a very reasonable price for what I need—always a fair price.”

—Co-owner, national nutrition and wellness supplement corporation

“For us and our clients, it’s quick response time. We use VSI as an extension of our labor and that’s a real advantage. With them, we have great quality control. You call and they say, ‘What can we do for you?’ We’ve toured the plant and I know they’re busy, but it feels like they always put us first.”

—Operations Manager, national provider of turnkey distribution and marketing

Nearly every job we do is unique. Our specialty is providing solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

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For more information, contact: David Phillips • 905 S. Kent, Liberty, MO 64068 • Ph: 816.792.9510 • Fax: 816.781.3418 • Sales@vsiserve.org