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For more than four decades, Vocational Services, Inc. has provided businesses with a wide range of outsourcing solutions.
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Gluing and Taping

Gluing and taping involve a variety of adhesive products and methods: Hot melt glue, transfer tape, double sided tape, automatic carton taping and more. Some widespread examples include:

a. Hand held fan for a wedding. Assembled front back and holder using double sided tape.
b. Hot melt glue for box flaps.
c. Apply Velcro hook and loop for closure on a cardboard tool box.

Our customers rely on us to know which techniques work best for any given use, and how these services dovetail with other services they may need.

Every job we do is unique. Our specialty is providing solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

For more information, contact: David Phillips • 905 S. Kent, Liberty, MO 64068 • Ph: 816.792.9510 • Fax: 816.781.3418 • Sales@vsiserve.org