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For more than four decades, Vocational Services, Inc. has provided businesses with a wide range of outsourcing solutions.
At three locations in Liberty and North Kansas City, Missouri

Inspecting and Testing

Inspecting and testing can involve everything from examining a lot number for imperfections, defects or mislabeling. We also test products for proper functionality. A few examples included:

a. Inspect brake gear components for burrs and defects.
b. Inspect and clean residue on bottle stoppers.
c. Pull specifically numbered bottles from various lot numbers.

Our work has ranged from quick review of shipments to ensure they meet client specifications to high tech analysis to ensure regulatory compliance.

Every job we do is unique. Our specialty is providing solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

For more information, contact: David Phillips • 905 S. Kent, Liberty, MO 64068 • Ph: 816.792.9510 • Fax: 816.781.3418 • Sales@vsiserve.org