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For more than four decades, Vocational Services, Inc. has provided businesses with a wide range of outsourcing solutions.
At three locations in Liberty and North Kansas City, Missouri


Our array of label dispensing machines are used for efficiency along with custom jigs for precise placement on all shapes and sizes of jars, containers, bottles, plastic sleeves and more. Just a few examples include:

a. Place labels on sample packets to be filled with product and distributed to nutritional health retail outlets.
b. Label gallon containers of new product line.
c. Label and heat seal bottom of plastic sleeve prior to filling sleeve.
d. Label various sizes of plastic food containers and lids.
e. Label large animal feed bags with promotional sticker.

This is definitely an area where variety is an everyday challenge. Our customers have challenged us with a wide variety of labeling projects and we are happy to help them succeed. With our VSI Printshop and its advanced digital printing services, we can even provide a one-stop-shop for labeling services.

Every job we do is unique. Our specialty is providing solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

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